"I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer."

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when i was 14 my teacher made fun of my pimples in front of the whole class and my best friend was furious so whenever she saw the teacher she’s like “OH YOU GET NEW CRINKLES TODAY” “DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT COS APPARENTLY YOU DIDN’T” “HEY MA’AM IS THAT YOUR BUTT OR IS THAT YOUR BELLY THEY LOOK THE SAME” she got detention almost everyday even i told her to stop she still did it anyway if you dont know what golden friendship is this is

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Naomi for Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2008 photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin



white girls are out of control these days 

this thirteen year old needs some professional help

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"It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scars to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace."

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